BoB - Best of Biotech

Welcome to BoB 2019

Registration and submission will start in April 2019 – we are looking forward to receiving your projects!

Key Dates:

Start of the competition



03.04.2019 - 27.06.2019

Submission pitch deck or businessplan

03.04.2019 - 27.06.2019

Optional coaching for teams by AplusB centres and int. partners

03.04.2019 - 27.06.2019

Evaluation of the submitted projects by external and internal evaluators

02.07.2019 - 28.08.2019

Selection of the 3 best submissions per track and category


Personal coaching of the selected teams in regards to the business idea and presentation

16. & 17.09.2019

Resubmission of revised projects


Jury presentations

22. & 23.10.2019

Award ceremony


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